Where can I buy 4-line staff music notebook?
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    I'll be teaching a Gregorian chant class for high schoolers at a homeschool tutorial this year. I thought it would be an interesting practice for them to draw neums. Are there any 4-line staff notebooks available for purchase? And the tilted pen for drawing neums. (I think we used them at the chant intensive course.)
  • Mia, those were fine tipped felt tip calligraphy pens, and they'll require a fair amount of "calligraphic" instruction/demonstration/practice by your youngin's. For making a four line staff, just go into your "paint" program on your computer's accessories under Programs, and make a document using the lines, the width of each line suited to your taste. Once you have a equidistant set of four lines both in width and length, use the select tool in paint, copy, paste for the screen page and you gotter done.
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    When I took the Chant Practicum with Ted Marier at Catholic University of America, I received a Chant Manuscript Book. The tearout pages are 7 3/4" high and 8" wide. On each page, there are six 4-line staves printed in red.

    All I see on the cover is:

    The Ward Method
    Music Instruction for Catholic Schools
    by Justine Ward

    Chant Manuscript Book

    The Catholic University of America Press, Washington, D.C.

    There is no stock number, and I have no idea if this item is still available. On the other hand, it's really not much of a problem to generate your own with any text editing program. Once you have created a horizontal line, it is easy to duplicate that line three times and then duplicate that set of four lines as many times as you choose.
  • If I don't have a notebook with me, I usually just print out some staff paper from www.blanksheetmusic.net. I just checked, though, and they have no option to use only four lines (which is strange, as they have all sorts of other options). Maybe I should email them a recommendation.

    Looks like you can download more here: http://incompetech.com/graphpaper/musicstaff/

    Set the lines to 4, the color to black, and print the PDF!
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    Thanks everyone. I was able to make my own from the computer program and also from http://incompetech.com/graphpaper/musicstaff/
    This is a great site.
    Now I have to go out and find right calligraphy pens.
    Thanks again.
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    I have a pdf

    will post it for yall
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    see new thread, Chant Manuscript Paper