Up with Willan choral propers
  • We tried these tonight. Absolutely blown away. I think you will love them!

    The Lutherans were lucky. We can be too.
  • Adam WoodAdam Wood
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    This ties in very nicely with the short exchange between me and FNJ about Roman propers in a non-Roman liturgical tradition.
    Obviously Lutherans ain't Episcopalians- but I'm gonna take a look at these for my parish.
  • Adam, you will be very impressed, I assure you. They are extremely well done. they sound as fresh as anything I've heard.
  • Just what one would expect of Willan - mastery and an unfailing taste.
    I have used these many years ago in a large Lutheran Church. I suspect that these are not much used any more due to more recent 'materials'.
    Too bad! Too bad also that Willan did not leave us with the offertories and communions as well.
  • If anyone else takes these on, please let me know. I am curious if anyone else is as taken with them as I am.

    I wouldn't dare ask anyone like Maureen to make an OF index to attach to the front of this book.
  • Maureen
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    Heh. Now that I have one OF index, it's a lot less drama to do another.
  • Well, that would be fantastic!
  • Aaron
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    After seeing these for the first time last Lent, we sang his Introits on Holy Thursday, Easter Sunday, Ascension, and Pentecost. The choir really enjoyed singing them. An OF index would be great, I had a hard time trying to match Sundays in Ordinary Time. The bracketed triplets spice up the rhythm. We sang them a cappella, with unison voices on the psalm verse and doxology.
  • Steve CollinsSteve Collins
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    Any Propers not covered by these Willan settings could easily be put to stylistically similar Anglican chants, especially double chants.
  • Often, Willan described himself as "English by birth; Canadian by adoption; Irish by extraction; Scotch by absorption."
  • Maureen
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    Wow, sometimes those KJV translations are a whole different world... and Lutherans have a whole different world of propers (not to mention celebrating the Transfiguration at a whole different time). But it was faster this time, and this morning I sent the OF index over to Jeffrey.
  • It is now updated!
  • IanWIanW
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    "...Scotch by absorption".

    I like the sound of that, and it doesn't appear to have had any negative effect on the music.
  • "...Scotch..." It may, however, explain the use of all those triplets.

    Thanks to Maureen for creating a Willan index. Outside of Lent and Advent, I have used this book rarely. Now, it is good for every Sunday.
  • Maureen
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    Jeffrey --

    As I finally figured out over on the Arbogast thread, adding indexes up front that are in the same pagination as the rest of the book... kinda messes up the PDF file's pagination, and thus makes the index incorrect (according to the PDF page numbers, even if not by the book's page numbers by as many pages as the index is long. :)

    I posted a link to an old article about how to fix that, over on the Arbogast thread. It doesn't look like it's a difficult fix for the pdf file....
  • I don't know, I deal with PDFs constantly every day. Everyone should know to look at the actual page number not the arbitrary PDF "page number"

    It really isn't a big deal.
  • JDE
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    The beauty of the open-source PDF is that you are free to download the file, manipulate it as you please, and even cut out the pages you don't like. The PDF police will not come to your house and make you restore it to its original configuration.
  • Maureen
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    Well, of course the PDFs are usable and useful as they stand. But administratively, it's better to tweak everything at the giving end (to make using it a no-brainer), than to make every user fiddle with it (even if it's pretty simple fiddling).

    If nobody minds, I'd like to fix the pagination, and also link the index entries to the pages. If I don't manage to do it, we've already got what we've got; and if I do, I'll just send it to Jeffrey. I need to learn Acrobat better, so it would be doing me a favor.