Music for Installation/Ordination of Bishop
  • I have been looking for the correct propers for the Mass for Ordination/Installation of a Bishop and, with my limited Latin, and limited experience, am not sure I have found the correct one. Could someone help me? When I looked in my Graduale Romanum (this will be a Novus Ordo Mass), I think I read it as the De Spiritu Sancto Mass in the Votive Mass section... is this correct?

    I am hoping we might be allowed to sing at least one chant for this Mass and want to try to prepare something appropriate :) We sang a bit of the Veni, Sancte Spiritus Sequence that is listed on this Mass and is also used at Pentecost at our rehearsal this evening... it is lovely.

    Any help would be greatly appreciated.
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    I'm interested in this information as well . . . because eventually someone will be appointed to our vacant diocese.

    But wouldn't the propers be those of the specific feast or Sunday?

    I attended a bishop's ordination Mass this past Monday and was glad to hear the traditional Veni Creator Spiritus chant--Latin verses alternating with English. I might have preferred Latin only, but quite a few verses were needed, so perhaps that was a good way to extend the time.
  • I was thinking it should be a votive Mass, but perhaps I am wrong...
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    "But wouldn't the propers be those of the specific feast or Sunday? "
    I believe it would depend on the day, if it were not a solemnity, and it ordinary time, couldn't it be a ritual Mass? (and perhaps even then.... wasn't there some discussion of whether our present Holy Father should have, but did not use the Mass of the day for his inaugural Mass because it was Eastertide?

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  • Here are the official texts from the Roman Pontifical.
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    Paul, thank you. This is very helpful.

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    It is probably a good thing to remember in general that Liturgies that must be presided over by a bishop will be found in the Roman Pontifical. The Sacramentary is for priestly use, which does sometimes included bishops. Even Confirmation has a Mass, which is not used when the Sacrament of Confirmation is administered on a Sunday or Solemnity.
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    It would be nice if Bishops came with instructions for installing them.
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    Last spring we were discussing propers for the ordination of a bishop. For this Knoxvillian, the question is relevant again. Paul answered it last April, saying "Here are the official texts from the Roman Pontifical."

    There must have been an attached file--and I probably downloaded it--but there is now no attachment, and not knowing what it might be called, my computer searches have been fruitless.

    Can anyone help?

    I'm wondering whether there are propers that would trump those of the feast day, in Knoxville's case, March 19, the Solemnity of St. Joseph.

  • Here they are, again.

    As you can see in the first rubric, the lectionary and euchology of Solemnity of Saint Joseph trumps the ordination, except for perhaps the second reading.

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    Paul, God bless you.

    Thank you so much.

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    whoops--it doesn't download as a pdf, at least for me. I get a file titled "The" that my computer interprets as plain text.
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    but now that I know the name of the document, I found the version I downloaded in April. Attached, I think.
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    My apologies for repeat posts. My attachment now has the same problem. Computer downloads "The."

    Perhaps better minds can solve the problem.
  • For the ordination the 1974 Graduale provides a Ritual Mass: "In conferendis sacris ordinibus."
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    This particular download problem happens when the file name contains spaces.

    To work around the problem: if you take the downloaded file "The" and rename it to "The.pdf", it should work.