Salve Festa Dies
  • Somebody asked me where they can obtain the score for this hymn in preparation for Easter. I can't seem to find it in the Liber. Any ideas?
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    Summit Choir Book
  • I think it can be found in the Traditional Roman Hymnal, but I wonder which "Liber" contains this hymn as well, since this is a pretty familiar chant.
  • You can find both the chant and Vaughn Williams versions in The English Hymnal, circa 1936. You will also discover enough verses for a real Procession for each of the major feast - Easter, Ascension, and Pentecost - as well as another for the Dedication of a church. If you're looking for Latin, "Analecta Hymnica" has versions ranging fro 6 to 20+ verses for all the major Feast of both Jesus and Mary, and even some of the major Western saints. I have used the Vaughn Williams version a lot in the past. There is a version in "Songs of Praise" (from OUP, edited by RVW and Percy Dearmer) for regular Sundays. And I have authored a Doxology verse specifically for the musical verse with triplets.
  • 'Salve Festa Dies' is also in the old Solesmes book "Processionale Monasticum" dating from 1893, but reprinted by Solesmes. This slim book has processional chants for most Sundays of the year and many major feasts. It's listed by Paraclete Press (I just looked).

    Another useful book of chants (not propers) for use throughout the church year is "Cantus Selecti". (Unfortunately, it doesn't contain Salve Festa Dies).
  • If you can't find it, contact me (on this forum).
  • I mis-wrote earlier. It actually is in Cantus Selecti. Sorry about that.
  • It truly is in the SSPX Hymnal named "The Traditional Roman Hymnal."
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    I shouldn't have been such a jerk...If you don't know about the Summit Choir Book, here it is:

    I highly reccomend this resource!
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    If anyone still needs a source for this, it's on p. 237 of Laudes Festivae (1940; ~10MB pdf), and p. 1928 of Mass and Vespers (1957; ~112MB pdf), both available from this site.
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    Re: the Salve Festa Dies, because it was never made part of the Editio Vaticana, I've noticed many variants (in both text and melody).

    Check out the SALVE FESTA DIES in the NOH (Nova Organi Harmonia) Volume 7 --- the melody is VERY different than the popular editions in America.

    I like the "typical" version, like the one sung by the Benedictine Monks of En Calcat.

    ...then again, I like everything those monks sing!
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    This hymn is found in GIA's Ritualsong- #588