Colloquium and Chant Intensive Details UPDATE
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    Plans are in high gear for the Chant Intensive and Sacred Music Colloquium coming up in June at Duquesne University in Pittsburgh, PA. Please keep an eye out for updated information and details about your arrival and stay on campus. In the meantime, here is the very latest:

    1. Here is a cool campus map and tour of Duquesne. Refer to it often.

    2. I visited Duquesne earlier week to make final preparations for the two events. We have tried to schedule all venues in close proximity to the dorms and each other. Our conferences have special needs. We can't just meet in regular classrooms. We need large spaces with friendly acoustics. With that in mind, know that we've walked the walk and know the distances and the time it takes to get from space to space on campus. The distances are not far. The one thing you should be aware of, though, is that the lovely campus, situated in the heart of downtown Pittsburgh, is a little bit hilly. Plan on bringing walking shoes so you will be comfortable all day. There will be ample time every day after lunch to change into something more appropriate for Mass.

    3. For those who feel they may need extra assistance, motorized scooters are available through Wheelchair Exchange in Pittsburgh @ $165 per week. Call them around June 1 to reserve. 412-241-5121

    4. Those staying in the dorms (Vickroy Hall, see cool map) will have access to a small fitness center on the 5th floor. It includes two treadmills, two bikes, and two steppers. There are also full workout facilities at the Power Center (see cool map again), and will be available to participants for a fee. More information on that forthcoming.

    5. Computer access on campus: The student union offers wifi in all locations, as do both of the two Starbucks (yes, folks, Starbucks) located on campus. There is no computer access in individual dorm rooms, but two computers with full internet access will be made available in a multi-purpose lounge on the first floor of Vickroy Hall.

    6. Parking will be in the Forbes Street parking garage (see super cool map). The cost for parking is $11 per day, or $67 for the week. If you are interested in purchasing a parking pass for the week, you may do so (payable to Duquesne Univeristy) at check in.

    7. Further details on check-in forthcoming.

    8. For those staying in the Marriott: It is directly across the street from the Church of the Epiphany. Directly. Some of you have asked if you will need to rent cars. I would say no, not for the purposes of the Colloquium. Everything is within walking distance. If you plan on taking in some of the Pittsburgh city scene, on the other hand, you may wish to rent.

    9. The cost of a cab ride from the airport is about $37 one way. If that seems a bit pricey, you might consider sharing the ride with other participants. You can contact each other on this forum to make your own arrangements. The airport is located approximately 18 miles away from downtown Pittsburgh. Those staying at the Marriott should inquire with the hotel themselves about shuttle options.

    Please remember that all payments are due on or before May 15, 2010. Adding $10, $20, or $100 to your final payment will help someone come who might otherwise not be able to swing it.
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    Just finished reading the e-mail you sent to registrants. The e-mail says all payment are due May 1, while this says May 15. Which is correct?
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    Re transportation to and from the airport: If you're willing to put up with public transportation, Pittsburgh Port Authority runs a shuttle bus service that stops at Duquesne. One-way fare is $2.75.
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    Arlene, would you let me know if this information is correct?

    One additional way to help CMAA is to pay by check. The transaction fee for credit-card payments via PayPal is about 2%-3%, so making a Colloquium payment the old-fashioned way can save CMAA a nice bit of change for the scholarship fund.
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    The due date is May 15. Typo in the email. So sorry.

    Chonak, you are correct. A check saves us some money. 2%-3% doesn't seem like a lot, but when you add that up at over 200 payments of a certain dollar amount, well, you do the math. On the other hand, if it is more convenient for a person to pay with Pay Pal, that's fine. We want to offer both options. There are time and opportunity costs on our end for every check that comes in, too. It has to be processed (time and energy) and sent to the bank (postage).
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    What is the spots-remaining-count? I have some things up in the air the day or two before and after colloquium, so I need to wait it out a week or two more, if possible...

    In addition to Chris's comments: once you get to Duquesne, it's pretty easy to get around by bus in Oakland and the other areas of the city you might want to visit. If you want to get out farther in South Hills, etc., it is also fairly cheap to use "the T", the city light rail.
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    Hi Bruce

    Right now there are about 60 spots remaining.
  • Being a Pittsburgh native (and a Colorado transplant for only the last 10 years), I'm pleased to be returning for a week and would like anyone who's coming to consider the following after (or before) hours events:

    The weekend before the Chant Intensive starts, the Pittsburgh Symphony is performing Mahler #3 at Heinz Hall. There's a Sunday concert at 2:30, and Friday/Saturday performances at 8:00. I happen to be flying in Friday night so I was looking for things to do before Monday. Heinz Hall is theoretically within walking distance of the Duquesne campus, but it's not a light walk.

    Also, a mile or so up on Liberty Avenue is a fabulous restaurant called the Church Brew Works. You can look google it for the history, but it's the former Saint John the Baptist Parish which shut its doors in the mid 90's; the building was renovated into a microbrew. I have yet to taste a better ginger ale, anywhere!

    I'll have a car with me; I'm happy to carpool with folks who want to join me for the occasional outing in the 'Burgh.

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    Very cool map indeed, AOZ. I was looking up the location of the hotel and Epiphany, just to get the lay of the land. It appears that the hotel would be just above #2 and the church just above #4. Does that seem right?

    Parking question: Self-park at the hotel is $16.50/day with no in/out -- valet is $24! Can those staying at the hotel still buy parking passes at the Forbes lot for $67/week? That would be a much better deal.
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    or...(any Pittsburgh native...) is there any parking lots/options that are maybe slightly out of downtown, but a lot cheaper (and accessible by bus or something,) for those who are driving but won't need their car all week?
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    fire away, Greg
  • AOZ
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    Hi Olbash

    Don't have map in front of me. (I'm not following my own refer to it often thing. It's been a long day. What can I say.) Yes, Marriott is right across from Church. You can certainly purchase a parking pass and park on campus. I'll look into the details of that, but I don't anticipate it being a problem.
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    For those of you thinking about Chant Intensive, here is an anecdote about something that I learned in the session at Loyola in 2008 and put into emergency use last week. One of the things Scott goes over is Psalmody.

    As we were warming up last week on Good Friday, I realized that I had totally forgotten about the three antiphons which accompany the priest and ministers retrieving the Blessed Sacrament from the altar of repose. Yikes!!! What to do? We couldn't sight read them, but we had been singing a lot of things using Mode 2, so I quickly went through the text, and using my Chant Intensive Psalm Pointing Madskillz I marked them up so that I could sing them, and the whole thing went off quite well.

    Another reason to go to Chant Intensive!!
  • Anyone like to share a taxi from the airport? (giving my wings a rest) I'll be arriving on Mon June 14 at 11:40am and flying out again on the friday night at 5:45pm - no mucking about, there's the whole USA for this little australian to see! cheers