Translation of the Roman Missal, 3rd Edition: Lectionary
  • Does anyone here have any information on the translation of the Lectionary that will accompany the forthcoming translation of the Roman Missal? Will it use a new scriptural translation? Will it change at all from its current form?

    Strictly speaking, of course, the Lectionary is actually a part of the Roman Missal, but as far as I can tell the only texts that have been considered so far are those that are currently found in the 'Sacramentary'. Also, as I understand it, Rome's desire is that the new translation of the Roman Missal is supposed to be entirely in one volume--readings included! Can anyone confirm this? It seems that this would be a pretty big book if so.

    I have not been able to find any information on a new translation of the Lectionary, or, for example, the Responsorial Psalms. I assume that these will be recompiled with the Revised Grail Psalter texts, assuming that these receive recognitio.

    Does anyone have any info or insight into this matter?
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  • While it is true, strictly speaking, that the Lectionary is part of the Roman Missal, for practical purposes they are treated as separate works, much like the different rites of the Ritual and Pontifical are treated separately. Thus the Roman Missal refers to what was often called the Sacramentary. The only part of the Roman Missal that is what would be included in the Sacramenatry. The Lectionary is not typically handled by ICEL since it is not translated from the typical edition but rather is produced from existing biblical translations from the Hebrew, Aramaic, and Greek. Episcopal Conferences handle the Lectionary directly and the biblical translation may vary for country to country. US uses a revision of the RNAB, Canada uses a revision of the NRSV. England and Wales, as well as a number of other countries are looking at using the Canadian version as the basis for their own Lectionaries.
  • Godfrey-- Thank you for this information. It is very helpful! Do you have any knowledge of whether the current Lectionary will be revised with the release of the new translation of the Roman Missal with texts the new approved psalter, likely the Revised Grail Psalms?
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    Adoremus does a good job of tracking translation issues, and their report on the bishops' November meeting (scroll to the end) indicates that some decisions on the Lectionary have not been made yet.
  • Thank you, Richard. Jackpot!

    From the Adoremus 11/09 Report:

    The re-translation of the Lectionary has already begun, though that not-inconsiderable challenge has been largely sidelined while the Missal translation was in process. The US bishops approved the re-revised Conception Abbey Grail Psalter in 2008 for use in the Lectionary as well as the Liturgy of the Hours. It awaits the Holy See’s recognitio. The question of which version — or revision — of the Bible to use for Lectionaries is not yet settled.
  • Am I right in understanding that revisions will be more extensive than simply changing the responsorial psalm to the New Grail Psalter?