Fundraising (specifically for an organ, but fundraising in general)
  • athome
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    Hello colleauges. The parish that I work for has interest in purchasing a new organ. My question has to do with finances and the raising of funds. Have any of you gone through this process, and if so, what are some of the most effective and effecient ways that you have gone about raising funds. I would appreciate any insight anyone might have.
    Be well.
  • ghmus7
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    Dear athome:
    We have successfully raised funds for our new organ which is nearing our one year anniversary of the installation.
    If you would like, you may email me to chat about some ideas- love to help.
    Dr. Gregory Hamilton
  • Lawrence
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    You can also email me.

    Also, I just posted something about the purchase of organs over at NLM which you may want to check out.