Florida Music Question
  • I'll be visiting the Ft Lauderdale area after Christmas, and am wondering if there is an RC parish in that area where good Liturgy, a good Choir and/or Chant Schola, and fine Organ Playing are the norm? Thanks for any suggestions!
  • Well, now that you asked, you have a couple of options. On Dec 27 at 7:30am, there will be a Missa cantata at St Malachy in Tamarac, FL (right next to Ft Lauderdale). Gus Zayas and I will be the schola and the organist is competent. In Lantana, just north of there is Holy Spirit, where Fr Kevin Nelson offers a Low Mass at 2:00 every Sunday. In Palm Beach Gardens, I sing regularly with the cathedral choir -- its still in the formative stages due to lack of proper funding, but the singers are good and the repertoire is challenging. Mostly the organist, Adam Brakel, is world-class. I'm not exaggerating. The 10:30 mass is NO, but done well. If you want to know more or you are a singer, contact me at moconnor09ATgmailDOTcom.
  • You might try Epiphany in Miami, though it is a bit of a trek from Ft. L (about 40 min.) Tom Schuster is a fantastic organist and has begun incorporating chant into the liturgy -- not to mention the regular schedule of orchestral Masses.

    There is also Mass in the extraordinary form at Ss. Francisco y Clara just off of 29th St. and Biscayne Blvd. just north of downtown Miami where I conduct the schola. I will be away for a little while immediately before and following Christmas, however, so the repertoire of schola senza director will be a mix of Rossini propers and Gregorian. (We are also currently without an organ, having just moved into this church.) If you're around for a bit after Christmas, though, we sing a full Mass of Gregorian propers and ordinary.

    Enjoy the weather!
  • Thanks for your interest and comments! Making my list...checking it twice (sorry...couldn't resist).