Manuscript Reproductions
  • Does any one out there no any online site which sells reproductions of chant manuscripts? A Brigittine monastery I know of sells them, but it is a long drive out to the secluded area. I'm looking for one to frame and pass along as a Christmas gift.

    Thanks in advance to any help.
  • The Codex of Las Huelgas is available in almost exact reproduction but it'll cost ya. There are other facsimile editions out there. Just check the New Grove under Monophonic Sources and then go to and see what's available in facsimile.
  • Paraclete Press, which is the North American distributor for SOLESMES and carries it's complete catalogue, has the volumes of PALEOGRAPHIE MUSICALE which are the facsimiles of the most important chant manuscripts- Laon, St Gall, the Worcester Antiphonale, just to name a few. If they no longer carry them, they can also be ordered directly from the ABBAYE ST PIERRE DE SOLESMES through their website which is where I purchases my last one.
  • OOPS! Just read your post carefully and realised you're looking for manuscript pages to frame. What I mentioned above are editions for study...
  • Thanks anyways Jeffrey, I think Michael might have at first read the same thing you did. I'm looking for a frameable reproduction.