Dominican Rite Tridentine Mass
  • Greetings all! I recently found out that we will be celebrating the Dominican RIte Tridentine Mass as part of a series of lectures on the Liturgy. Since nothing like this has been done in this area in 35+ years, I am hoping there will be a large turnout (even if just for curiosities sake) and would like to put together a booklet or Mass aid with everything laid out step by step, including all simple responses and the ordinary of the Mass along with the text and translations of the Propers. I would also like to include explanations for as much as possible, to make this as 'comfortable' as possible for those who have never attended an EF Mass. This will be a weekday evening, December 16, and therefore will not include an Asperges, Gloria or Credo ( I think--still need to confirm that last one) but should include all the 'Please Sit/Stand/Kneel' etc. So, suggestions on how to begin? How much detail is too much? ( I'd like to avoid creating a small novel!) Any resources out there to use as a guide?
    Also--whats your opinion---use a chant setting the congregation knows (Jubilate Deo) or do a choral figured Mass?
    Feel free to email me if you wish ( or leave a comment here.
  • chonakchonak
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    The "Jubilate Deo" Mass is suitable enough, as its Sanctus and Agnus come from Mass XVIII, which is recommended for Advent ferial days. The Kyrie is from Mass XVI, which is for ferial days "throughout the year", so that sounds OK too.
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    I used to attend a Dominican Rite EF Mass once a month in Anchorage, when I lived in Alaska. I posted a thread about it here before I went and then posted again after going. They sang the Jubilate Deo Mass there, and it was very beautiful, and simple. I would definitely recommend using that Mass if the congregation knows it, as it will put them at ease (they will recognize the parts of the Mass right away).

    I think you could pretty much use instructions for the more common EF Mass, because it seems to me that the differences between rites occur solely in the prayers the priest prays silently and some of the rubrics (such as what the altar boys do, when, and what the priest wears, when).

    I'm assuming this is a High Mass. If it is a High Mass there are even fewer differences between rites, actually. I haven't been to a Dominican Rite low Mass but from the liturgy books I skimmed (in Latin) there were more differences between low Masses. But, either way, I think when the people should stand, sit, and kneel would be the same as in every other EF guidebook.

    As for detail, I don't think anybody really needs anything more than the actual text of the Mass and the rubrics for the congregation. More curious people might appreciate transcriptions of the priest's silent prayers as well.