Help on using Gregoriotex in a complete book
  • Hi to everyone!

    I'm a Brazilian cistercian monk, I work on gregorian publications for my monastery and Congregation since 2012, using normally Adobe InDesign + Caecilliae, two tools that can create nice works, but are also very complicate when you need to change something after the work is done... For this reason, I need "urgently" learn how to work deeper with GABC in bigger projects.

    Could someone send me some good tutorials, of even a template or something like, in order to show me how it works?

    I already know how to create gabc scores and the notation itself. What I need to learn is how to integrate in bigger TEX projects.

    I could with your help.

    God bless you.
  • joerg
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    From You can download the complete GregorioTeX sources for the OCO2015. Maybe this helps.
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  • Thank you very much, Joerg. It's the first time I can check such kind of complex work with Gregorio. But I have one doubt (much more than one, for be sincere):

    Is all the book composed using the function \gabcsnippet, without need to link a separated .gabc file for each score? If yes, why I can't simple generate the pdf from the files?
  • joerg
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    Yes, in this project i only use \gabcsnippet.
    By "generate the pdf from the files" do You mean precompiling the gabcs to pdfs and including these into the project? But then You can't have page breaks within a piece.
    At times i use another option with code like this:

    \directlua{os.execute("curl -o temp.gabc^&format=gabc")}
    \directlua{os.execute("gregorio temp.gabc")}
    \input temp.gtex

    Then You can include a gabc file directly from gregobase by calling e.g.


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  • Thank you very much. I'm starting to understand better how it works, and the different options.

    My first project would be an Hymnal. I dont like much the way that hymns are written in gabc, I think it's more clear when each stanza is separate. In order to make something like that, what would be the best option? Can I do it with the \gabcsnippet or it would be better put in separated files and link them?

    I'm really a beginer, I hope my questions are not too stupid. ;)