William Andrew Leonard (1848 - 1930)
  • I just found a mass by bishop William Andrew Leonard (1848 - 1930) Does anyone have more music of him?
    Thanks, Dirk
  • Don9of11Don9of11
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    The information I have is from the "American Masses and Requiems" by David DeVenney. There is no biographical data on the composer. The Mass in F was Unison with an option for ATB. There is no date given for the publication and it would seem he only composed this one mass setting.

    Is there a copyright date or date of publication on the copy you have?
  • SalieriSalieri
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    I have three Masses by him in my library: Mass in F, Mass in E-flat, and Mass in B-flat (aka "The Third Mass").

    My choir has sung the Mass in F on several occasions: it's actually a good setting that isn't too long, so it works well in a Novus Ordo context. It's on the same scale as Willan's "St. Teresa" (in the New St. Basil Hymnal), which we also sing, and Terry's "Short Mass in C".

    I have mixed feelings about the Mass in B-flat: my choir used to sing it regularly a million years ago, and even made a recording of it, except the Agnus Dei, in the 1960s. The Agnus Dei is good, but the Dona nobis pacem sounds like a Sousa March.

    I'm not very familiar with the E-flat Mass, but it seems ok.
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    I have extra copies of the three Leonard Masses Salieri mentions. I don't think he did any others. If you want a copy, PM me.
  • Jeffrey Quick
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    No. 3 is there. A Polish translation/arrangement of #1 exists (but a Msza Polska would have been something to sing at Low Mass, not a translation of the Ordinary)

    It would seem that W.A./=William A. /= William Andrew.