Chants for processional
  • I currently sing in two TLM scholas, which is awesome because I love chant.

    The priest often processes in silence or we sing a standard but very old hymn.

    Are there chants or hymns in Latin that are appropriate? this is just for my own information. I'm not going to making suggestions. Those programs are already established.


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    Quick question - this is a Conventual Sunday High Mass, yes? (Meaning, does the priest/congregation sing the Asperges Me or Vidi Aquam prior to Mass starting?)
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    The main TLM processional Hymn is the Salve Festa Dies, originally an Easter Hymn, parodies were written for Ascension, Pentecost, St. Dunstan, St Patrick, St George, St James ...

    You could also look at the Office Hymns...
  • Thanks. We sing the Asperges depending on the Mass. we sang Salva Festa Dues at some point for Easter. With 6 Masses, it all runs together .
  • Processional Office Hymns are a genre unto themselves.

    I'm doing one on a recital next autumn.
    It is both Latin hymn-sequence and Lutheran Hauptlied.
    Grates nunc omnes reddamus Domino Deo began as the XI cent. Christmas sequence, which in time was put to use as a Latin processional hymn with German refrains (which actally made it into a responsorial form - Refrain [responsory] - verse - responsory, verse, etc.).

    In tandem with countless cases, the Catholic processio0nal hymn, Grates nunc, was translated by M Luther as Gelobet seist du, Jesu Christ and was used by him as his Hauptlied for Christmas Day.

    The tune itself has been traced to the Cistertian Monastery at Medingen, to where its use has been attested as early as the mid-XVth century.

    On my recital I'm doing the chorale version, Gelobet seist du.., showcased in the two organ chorale versets set by Heinrich Scheidemann (who, incidentally, had studied with J P Sweelinck).
  • Thank, Jackson. That’s helpful. I’ll make a point of having the chants mentioned here ready in case they come up.
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