Roman Stations
  • Does anyone know, if there are specific chants that are supposed to accompany the Roman Stations (not the Stations of the Cross, the Stations that are done to honor the Churches in Rome)?
  • SalieriSalieri
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    Usually a solemn procession with the Litany of Saints.
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  • Bri
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    At St. John Cantius last night, we sang the Litany of the Saints. When we came to St. Sabina, we sang it three times, raising the pitch the 2nd time and then raising again the 3rd time.

    "While processing to the station, the people chant the Litany of the Saints. The Church includes in that litany the stational saint of the day, whom the Church has selected as the icon of Christian virtue for our imitation. Thus, stational observance offers a magnificent way of venerating the saints." - From "Roman Stational Churches – A Spiritual Guide Through Lent" by
    Father Scott Haynes, SJC, available at Adoremus Bulletin website