Tenebrae Hearse
  • SMire
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    I am a music director in Austin, TX and have plans to offer a Tenebrae service this year on Good Friday, but we do not have a hearse. I've done a little scouring and find myself hitting brick walls. Does anyone have a resource where such an item can be purchased? I found a few, but they weren't at all lovely and if I'm going to pitch a $3,000 sale to my PBA, then I'd like it to be a beautiful investment.
  • WGS
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    "unique triangular candelabra called a “hearse.” In it are fifteen candles, fourteen darker natural wax candles and one white candle"

    Will you be looking for a 15 candlepower hearse?
  • SMire
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    Yes, that’s what I’m looking for! I’d like it to be a freestanding candelabra, but would settle for even a beautiful one that just sits on the altar.
  • Do you have a carpenter in the parish, or a metal worker, or a blacksmith? (Serious question)
  • chonakchonak
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    It does seem to be more common these days for a craftsman in the parish to build one.
  • bhcordovabhcordova
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    SMire, just doing an internet search for a Tenebrae hearse comes up with many for between $150 and $300. Why are you wanting to spend $3,000?
  • francis
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    I would be willing to take on the project. I make sacramentals and sculptures. This is my website that shows my work.


    3D Icons


    Hand Crafted Rosaries

    PM me if interested.
  • SMire
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    Thank you, everyone! I am in contact with a local craftsman from a neighboring parish to see if he's interested in taking this on as a project. It seems that unless your church already has one, are gifted one, or you're able to secure an antique one from an-age-gone-by that you must simply make one.