Good News for Cantius?

    Is it naïve to take this at face value? I hope this is long-lasting.
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  • No, it's not naive to take it at face value. Listen carefully.
  • It's unfortunate that they'll have to nix the EF on first Sundays and higher feasts, no doubt. However, not being forced to drop a table altar into the sanctuary is very good news, and what was most concerning (to me at least). Best of a bad situation, so I'll take a little joy where I can find it I suppose.
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    It's all they can do: as a diocesan religious community conducting ministry in a parish of the diocese, they're complying with the terms of the Archbishop's directives and doing the best they can within those limits.

    Pontifical religious communities have some autonomy from the local bishop regarding their internal life; a diocesan religious community does not have even that limited independence of action. Both are subject to the local bishop in regard to parish ministry.