sheet music available for original new Advent song - "Mary's Song"
  • Hello - I am a church singer and a songwriter, and wanted to share a song I wrote for the Advent and Christmas seasons a couple years ago that I have sheet music available for now. I thought it might be a nice addition to a nativity play or Advent or Christmas Eve service.

    If anyone is interested, I am selling it for $8.00 on PayPal and Venmo and will send you a pdf. You can email me at if you would like to order a pdf. Thank you!
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    Hi, Harper; welcome to the forum. Can you tell us anything about your work in Catholic church music? I couldn't tell from your website.
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  • Hello! Thank you - I have sung in Catholic churches as a soloist; "Mary's Song" could certainly be used in different denominations as well as Catholic, but just wanted to share here in case anyone was interested.
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    Probably more in non-Catholic churches, because of the genre of the piece. It's for a solo performer, it's a dramatic retelling, it's presented in the role of Mary.

    There are a few well-known hymns and religious songs that speak in the role of Jesus: some are quotations from Scripture ("I Am The Bread Of Life" by Toolan, "Come To Me" by Norbet); and some present imagined words ("I Heard The Voice Of Jesus Say", "I Received The Living God"). But I can't think of any Catholic hymn or song that sings in the role of Mary other than the Magnificat.
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    Reminds me of "Mary, Did You Know"
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