PDF of Weber's Compline?
  • lmassery
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    Is there an online or pdf version of Fr. Weber's compline I can use to make a booklet? I have his office of compline book (hardbound) which is awesome but I need a booklet form for public worship. In particular I need a Tuesday one.
  • davido
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    Try his archive site. I can’t bring it up in mobile, but it is accessed through the side bar on this page: https://sacredmusicus.wordpress.com/

    I think Iganatius owns the copyright on the engravings of the Compline book. I’ve never seen him put material from that book online. Similar to the square note edition of vol 1 of the Proper of the Mass. I think those two books were in the pipeline with Ignatius before Jeffrey Tucker convinced him on Creative Commons and freely available on line, which is the way Father releases most of his stuff now.
  • lmassery
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    That’s a cool story- we owe much to both Tucker and Weber. Thanks for the helpful explanation- Will look around
  • MarkB
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    I looked at Fr. Weber's archive site and couldn't find it. I looked at his previous archive site too and couldn't find it. I looked at the Ignatius Press item page for the book to see if there is a pdf made available to purchasers of the hard copy, but there isn't.

    Regarding what davido wrote about Volume 1 of The Proper of the Mass, not many people know that Ignatius Press makes Volume 1 available as a pdf download to purchasers of the hardbound volume. From the item page for the hardbound edition on the Ignatius Press website:

    Resources for choirs or scholae: For those who wish to be able to cut and paste parts of The Proper of the Mass into their choral binders, scan and email a proof of purchase of the print edition to info@ignatius.com with the subject line “Licensing Permission”. You will receive an email with your password. Once you have received your password, a locked .pdf may be downloaded here. You may make only as many copies as the number of print editions you have purchased.

    I took advantage of that and was given the password to download a pdf of the entire Volume 1. It comes as a publisher's proof pdf, so there are inconvenient margin lines and a lot of white space, but you can crop those out.