a hymn for the feast of Pope Saint Pius X?
  • Does anyone know of a text that would celebrate the motto of Pope Saint Pius X, "to restore all things in Christ"?

    Thanks in advance!

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    How about "Christ is made the sure foundation" ... my harmonization attached (tune ST THOMAS).
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    The attached hymn to Saint Pius X from The Pius X Hymnal might fill the bill!
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    There is a hymn to St. Pius X by Catherine Maguire/Achille Bragers, “A humble priest on Peter’s throne,” in Marier’s Pius X Hymnal (1953) which makes heavy use of his motto.
    It is on p. 34 in the congregation edition and p. 141 in the choir edition both of which are available online at
  • There's also a beautiful hymn in the new Traditional Roman Hymnal from Angelus Press, which would fit the bill perfectly: "In days when faith scarce cast a light/In our world's dark decline/ St Pius, you put lies to flight/ that truth once more might shine./ Then pray our eyes once more may see, /From darkness by that truth set free:" and refrain, "O Holy Pius, aid the fight/ to restore all things in Christ." The tune is minor, and stately and bold enough to make a great processional with the right tempo. It's #243 in the TRH for those that have it (the second edition; the first didn't have it.)