Looking for choral music for Jewish Methodist Catholic service
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    Hi folks. Our parish is hosting a prayer service with three congregations in town... the jewish temple, the methodist church and our Catholic parish.
    He suggested finding a piece of music that all three choirs could do. A Thanksgiving psalm
    might be appropriate. Any ideas??

    I can't resist...a Jewish rabbi, a methodist preacher and a Catholic priest walk into a bar....
  • In the evening? A setting of the Phos Hilaron might be nice. Leo Nestor wrote a beautiful and accessible setting, which might be obtained from his estate. There are dozens of other nice anthems on the same text as well.
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  • Jeffrey Quick
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    Ask the Unitarians
    I think you'd have to do something to an Old Testament scripture, as it's the only thing all 3 groups have in common. If you did it in a language not Hebrew, English or Latin, nobody would be favored. Polish perhaps
  • There are many psalm settings by such as Britten, Vaughan Williams, Howells, Titcomb, Willan, David McKay Williams, and other Anglican or Episcopalian composers for a text of general praise. Some easy, some a little challenging, some really challenging. I would especially look into Titcomb or Willan. A Jubilate Deo or a Te Deum might be nice. A lot depends on the size and experience of the choirs involved. (Oops! I guess a Te Deum wouldn't do because of our Jewish friends.)

    Liam's suggestion of a setting of Phos Hilaron is superb.

    Also, a setting, of psalm CXXXIII, 'Behold how good and joyful a thing it is * for brethren to dwell together in unity', sung at some point to a simple psalm tone would be quite fitting. I have done this at a number of these kinds of services.
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    This is a wonderful setting of everyone's most beloved Psalm.

    Honestly their linked recording doesn't do it justice.
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    Any excuse to sing Hebrew (besides the four words we usually use) in a Christian Church is a good excuse.
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    Thank you all!
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    Is there really a non-trinitarian version of Phos Hilaron? Assuming a good accompanist, Wie lieblich sind deine Wohnungen seems the obvious choice.
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  • No, there is not a non-trinitarian form of Phos Hilaron (oops); I forgot the "Jewish" part of the query in my mental search of ancient hymns!

    There are various old testament canticles in addition to the psalms.

    For instance, King Soloman's prayer in 2 Chronicles has multiple musical settings, including S.S Wesley's O Lord My God, and Tallis' beautiful Hear the voice and prayer . There is also that (in)famous setting of The Lord Bless You and Keep You from Numbers, and many others of the same text.

    Many texts from the book of Isaiah, including the Sanctus from Isaiah 6.

    I believe the original hymn text of "The God of Abraham Praise" is by a Jewish poet
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    If the service is actually a prayer service, then perhaps "Bring us, O Lord God" (text by John Donne) is an appropriate prayer with rather universal appeal. William Harris' 8-voice setting is probably too elaborate, but my 5-voice setting (SMzATB) is possibly quite doable, especially if discretely accompanied by organ. Choral (a cappella) and Choral/Organ scores attached, together with an MP3 simulation.
  • Felicia
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    Perhaps the ending chorus of Le Roi David (King David) by Arthur Honegger, with organ or piano accompaniment, and sung in English (the original language is French). The melody sounds like a cross between "Wachet auf" and "Wie shoen leuchtet". Honegger was a Swiss Protestant.
  • Why do I keep thinking of In the Year That King Uzziaha didedd?
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    (purple) How about Schubert's "Oy vey, Miriam"? (end purple)

    But in all seriousness, have you thought of one of Solomone Rossi's Hebrew motets?
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    To be honest, I'm impressed if they are encouraging you to do something truly religious. The music at ecumenical/interfaith gatherings in my area usually only include home-grown sixties peace songs and hymns to Mother Earth.
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  • Chris -
    I don't understand.
    Besides, a gentleman never drinks before noon.

    Ah, I see the typo now and have fickst it.
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    Is there any chance the hymn "The God of Abraham Praise" could be useful?

    I'm assuming, that is, you were to edit the text so that the Holy Name YHWH/Jehovah be replaced by "the Lord" or other terms; Catholics aren't supposed to say or sing it, and I assume the same of the Jewish community.
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    Gioachino Rossini; Edited by John Rutter. Prayer from Moïse. OUP Opera choruses
  • CHGiffenCHGiffen
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    Felix Mendelssohn: "He watching over Israel, slumbers not nor sleeps"; also, "Cast thy burden upon the Lord" (both from "Elijah").

    Chorus must not make "slumbers not nor sleeps" sound like "slumber snot Norse leaps"
  • How many do you expect from each church - what would there presumed overall ability?. When does it take place.

    Choose a theme,
    And as a not too lengthy form of readings and anthems and hymns, this would yield a quasi liturgical form (borrowed, obviously from King'l\- Though take care kt should not be loaded down in in order that it not it becomes a 'holy variety show.
  • Liam
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    Chorus must not make "slumbers not nor sleeps" sound like "slumber snot Norse leaps"

    In any resonant acoustic, it will still sound like that.
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    Thanks all I do have some of Rossi motets, including one I arranged.
  • vansensei
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    Anything from the Psalms because they're shared text. If they can handle eight parts and want something contemporary, Caroline Shaw's and the swallow is gorgeous.
  • Skladach
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    The motet "Si iniquitates" for TBB by Samuel Wesley, the nephew of the founder of the Methodist Church, has a text from Psalm 130, which is often recited in the Catholic Divine Office. It's beautiful liturgical music and covers all the bases for the prayer service.
  • stulte
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    I personally would have nothing to do with such an event. The Jews and Methodists need to give up their errors and be converted to the Catholic Faith. This kind of practical religious indifferentism will not do that.
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    I do think it's worthwhile to consider the norms of the church in regard to an event like this. The church does allow for common prayer with non-catholic Christians, but there is a fine line to walk in regard to an event with non-Christians. I hope the pastor is keeping everything proper.
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