Instruments at EF First Mass in Advent
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    81. Accordingly, the playing of the organ, and all other instruments is forbidden for liturgical functions, except Benediction, during the following times:
    a) Advent, from first Vespers of the first Sunday of Advent until None of the Vigil of Christmas...
    83. However, during the seasons, and days just mentioned, the following exceptions to the rule may be made:
    a) the organ may be played, and other instruments used on holy days of obligation, and holidays (except Sundays), on the feasts of the principal local patron saint, the titular day, and the dedication anniversary of the local church, the titular or founder’s day of a religious congregation, and on the occasion of some extraordinary solemnity [emphasis mine]...
    Local Ordinaries may determine more precisely the application of these prohibitions, and permissions according to the approved local or regional customs. (De musica sacra et sacra liturgia)
    Is the "First Mass" of a newly ordained priest to be considered an "occasion of some extraordinary solemnity" according to 83b that would justify the use of orchestral instruments (strings) during Advent? The Mass in question would be one at which first blessings are given afterward, not the literal first Mass the day after ordination.
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    I wouldn't think so. It would be very different from the list preceding that. I don't think it's even close.
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    The following exception would seem to apply:
    Moreover, it may be played, even in Advent and Lent, on solemn feasts of the saints and on the occasion of any joyful celebration — as e.g. the Communion of children [S. R. C., 11 May, 1878, 3448 (5728)

    Source: Catholic Encyclopedia