Mass of the Resurrection by Randall DeBruyn
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    New normal indeed: Has anyone here tried Mass of the Resurrection by Randall DeBruyn? There's no info on ordering a trick to finding choral scores on OCP's page: the first 3 items visible are the top of another window. I can imagine this coming as little bit of a relief in the fall after learning the ICEL mass in Breaking Bread.
  • irishtenoririshtenor
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    I've used it. It's sturdy enough, dignified enough.
  • EvaS
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    It is much better than Mass of Creation and Mass of Christ the Saviour!
  • It's a quite good setting. I would say it is close to Mass of St Francis Cabrini. When I was at the parish I grew up at (very contemporary parish), I tried to get them to use Mass of the Resurrection. It was one that I could use organ with, but it would still work for the praise band. Unfortunately they went with Mass of Christ the Savior (my Little Pony).
  • Mass of Creation and Mass of Christ the Saviour

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    If only Immanuel Cooed.
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    I am currently using it. It is better then a lot of other Masses from OCP. IMHO
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    Used it for years (inherited it as the only setting the parish ever seemed to know). Finally have retired it! I call it the Mass of C major scale.
  • better than a lot of other Masses from OCP

    This reminds me of Malcolm Cardinal Ranjith's comment about the Missal of Paul VI. He said it could be said reverently.
  • CatholicZ09
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    My home parish chose My Little Pony to be the setting to transition us into the new translation back in 2011. We used it so much, and I dreaded hearing the intro to that Gloria.

    Luckily, when we had a change of hand with music directors a few years later, the new director dreaded it as much as I did, so we haven’t used it in a while.
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    Archbishop Sample mandated it for his diocese when he was Bishop of Marquette. If it's good enough for him, it's at least good enough (for those of use who work with the Ordinary Form).
  • "IT? Is this "My Little Pony" or the Mass of the Resurrection?
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    "It" is Mass of the Resurrection. Apologies for not being clearer.