Hymns for a Confessor
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    Can anyone suggest suitable hymns for the feast of a Confessor (in this case St Josemaria Escriva)? I'm trying to prevent the old For all the Saints as a catch-all.

    I saw @Kathy had a couple of suitable texts here, which perhaps she'd permit to be used?

  • Iste Confessor is probably available in English translation worth using (somewhere)
  • And, Titilouze has some organ versets on Iste Confessor., some of which would be very suitable for voluntaries before, during, or after mass.
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    Okay, so nothing much. For the reference of future readers, I selected R.M. Benson's translation of Jesu, redemptor omnium, one of the office hymns for a confessor, O Thou, whose all-redeeming might.
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    For future reference, we have used the translation of Iste Confessor from The Hymner (#67), along with the tune ISTE CONFESSOR.
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  • Gerhard,

    I'm not in an OF realm, so I can't tell you much of what's out there, anymore. The tune Deus Tuorum Militum, which I sang as a young boy to the words "O Love, how deep, how broad, how high" is designed (and named for) another of the office hymns.
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    CPDL endeavors to put everything in one place.
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  • Kathy
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    GerardH, yes, let me give permission here.

    Inclitus rector
    Office Hymn for Pastors, for a Priest

    Come let us raise our songs of celebration,
    Joining the triumph train of this confessor,
    Father and leader, now above the heavens
    Reigning forever.

    Priest of the Church, a leader and a teacher,
    Sanctity plain in all his words and actions,
    He strove to please God, generous in service,
    And with a pure heart.

    Now let us ask him earnestly for favor:
    Cleansing of all the sins of his beloved;
    And by his fervent prayers may we be lifted
    To the high heavens.

    Glory and power, praises in the highest,
    to the one God, and honor everlasting,
    for His dominion, orderly and lawful,
    governs creation.

    Iesu, Redemptor omnium
    8th c. Hymn, confessors

    O Jesus, Ransom of us all
    Receive our voices when we call,
    Eternal Crown, in mercy giv’n
    To all the citizens of heaven.

    This day he shone in lasting fame,
    confessor of your holy name,
    the people praise him joyfully
    in annual solemnity

    When through this world his pathway led
    He calmly walked, serenely tread.
    His steps were sure and ever true,
    On his salvation path to you

    As he surrendered not his heart
    to this world’s joys nor things that part,
    now with the angels in the skies
    he holds in joy the heav’nly prize.

    In tender mercy, Lord, assent
    That we may follow where he went,
    and in his steps, your servants win
    forgiveness from their guilt of sin.

    We praise you, Christ, our loving King,
    And to your Father glory sing
    Whom with the Spirit we adore
    Forever and forevermore.

    Both trans. c. Kathleen Pluth 2013. Permission given for use for the feast day of St. Josemaria Escriva, 2021. All other rights reserved.
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    Thank you @Kathy. I like how your translations of the lists espousing the confessor's virtues don't sound like describing a ponce, a fault of too many earlier translations.

    @Chrism, yes I found those. Very interesting that new Latin texts exist; I wonder who took the time to write them. Good English translations would also be very useful for those involved in Opus Dei I imagine.