Chorus or Refrain?
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    I have noticed in some older hymnals, hymns that use CHORUS for repeats (but not always) and in more modern hymnals I see REFRAIN. I googled both terms to this to see what the difference is and the definitions seem to vary. Is one preferred over the others?
  • Liam
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    I like this explanation, which without acknowledging it ties back the use of chorus in Greek theatrical tradition (and thus is the opposite of the idea of choir singing in harmonized parts):
  • Schönbergian
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    A Chorus is the part of your song where all of your instruments, singers or musical elements come together to play and/or sing in unison.

    It's also the part of your song where you encourage your listeners to sing along.

    So does that mean that "refrain Glorias" are more properly called "chorus Glorias"?
  • M. Jackson Osborn
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    Liam's link, I think, is quite explanatory.
    There are some hymns-carols which can be treated as verse (smaller group) + refrain (everyone). For instance, the carol 'Shepherds We Have Heard' is very effective when sung Stanza 1 men, stanza 2 women, stanza 3 men, stanza 4 all, with all joining at the 'refrains'. This treatment makes of the song something akin to a responsorial form (verse vs responsory). This could apply to a number of hymns-carols, i.d., the Marian hymn 'Immaculate Mary', in which each stanza could alternate smaller groups and the 'ave, ave, ave part sung by all as a refrain or responsory.

    I had always thought that, at least in hymnody, 'refrain' and ''chorus' were more or less interchangeable, but Liam's link seems to me to propose a more correct understanding of their difference.
  • Liam
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    "So does that mean that "refrain Glorias" are more properly called "chorus Glorias"?

    Since a chorus is a specific type of refrain, refrain covers it. And, in common practice, refrains of refrain Glorias often have descants and harmonized choral parts....
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    I think we should also remember that “chorus” is a term being used in modern pop music now too; so perhaps it may not be prudent to apply it to liturgical music at this time. Just a thought, anyway.
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    refrain from chorus?
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    I can't help thinking of Austin Lovelace's quip: "When I see a hymn that says ‘Refrain,’ I usually do!"
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    The more I think about it, a chorus is the same as singing a verse and a refrain is a repetition of a just few words. Now let me think on that some more.