Melody for Te pater Joseph opifex colende
  • I've checked the Antiphonale (1935), where this text is not found, and where (therefore) there is no melody accompanying it.

    What tune is used for this Matins hymn?

  • tomjaw
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    It is in the Nocturnale 2002, It is also in the Liber Hymnarius (but no one appears to have placed a copy on the web)

    Nocturnale 2002...

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  • Hmmm.

    Does anyone have a good reason why these tunes (and the proper Mass propers) can't be gathered into one place?
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    Can't? Or weren't? The second is easier to answer; Solesmes never compiled a full Nocturnale Romanum. As it is, a monastic version is hardly necessary, and St Joseph the Worker is a later development as it is.

    As to the first question, because beautifully and correctly typesetting chant is a laborious process, if not downright expensive.
  • Tomjaw,

    While I take your point, what I meant was "Since a feast is on the universal calendar, and since the Church assumes that the office is sung in common, (or in choir, if you prefer, but I'm not sure if these terms mean the same thing), why aren't the melodies in the LIber Usualis?"
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    Do I read correctly the Nocturnale as attributing the melody to Evaristus Antverpiensis † 1968 ? If so, who was he, and when did he compose it?
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    Chris Garton-Zavesky

    The last edition of the Liber Usualis was in around 1964? It has not been updated with any of the newer feasts. A new edition may appear in the future, and we already have had a thread devoted to this topic.
    My 1961 edition has Joe the worker, and has the Lauds and Vespers Hymns, only the greatest feasts have Matins in the Liberso the Hymn above is not to be found.
    My 1956 edition is missing Pip and Jim, but still has the Feast of the Solemnity at the end of April, presumably they did not get the new office in time but they had added the new feast to the index without a page number.

    So to answer your question as to why it is not in the Liber Usualis,
    1. The Liber only has Matins for only the greatest feasts.
    2. The Liber is a useful book and does not contain everything that would be found in the Graduale, Antiphonale and Nocturnale (and local supplements).
    3. If the Liber had every thing it would be the size of the above 3 books combined, and would no longer be useful.
    4. If you are going to change the Liturgy every few months, you can't expect publishers to be able to keep up, especially in the days of hand typesetting.
    5. If you are going to change the Liturgy every few months you may end up putting the publishers out of business and the books will then end up not being updated.
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    besides, Solesmes never finished a Nocturnale. It's mostly useless, though the Liber doesn't have Matins for nearly enough feasts, and while I like the idea of the Hartker book, it's still, well, not from Solesmes, whatever one makes of the markings and such.
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