Chants of the various Missae pro aliquibus locis (MR 1962 and earlier)
  • Would it be possible to compile in this thread sources for the chants (not just the texts) of the various Missae pro aliquibus locis of missals prior to 1970? I will start with:

    1953 Schwann Graduale Romanum (2 volumes)

    Graduale Romanum 1961 (with nav links, courtesy of CMAA)

    Proprium et Commune pro aliquibus locis ( link, excerpt from above) Proprium et Commune pro aliquibus locis, Psalmi/mode/2up

    The scholar in me strikes again...when I should be doing other things...


  • Nearly all of these scores are on the Institute of Christ the King Sacred Music page and we are working towards filling in the few remaining gaps in the next few months.
    We are missing 13 Masses that are included in the "Proprium Sanctorum pro aliquibus locis" section of the 1962 Missale Romanum.

    S. Ambrosii, Ep., Conf. et Eccl. Doct. - Dec 7
    S. Caroli, Ep. et Conf. - Nov 4
    S. Petri Chanel, Martyris - Apr 28 [have source without Solesmes annotations]
    S. Ludovici Mariæ Grignion de Montfort, Conf. - Apr 28
    S. Dominici Savio, Conf. - May 6
    Beatæ Mariæ Virginis D. N. a S. Corde Jesu - May 8
    S. Joannis Baptistæ de Rossi, Confessoris - May 23
    Beatæ Mariæ Virginis, Reginæ Apostolorum - Saturday after Ascension [have source without Solesmes annotations]
    S. Josephi Cafasso, Conf. - Jun 27
    S. Mariæ Goretti, Virg. et Mart. - Jul 6
    S. Bernardi, Abb. et Eccl. Doct. - Aug 20 [have source without Solesmes annotations]
    Beatæ Mariæ Virginis titulo Salus Infirmorum - Saturday before last Sunday in August
    Beatæ Mariæ Virginis Divinæ Providentiæ Matris - Saturday before 3rd Sunday in November
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    I realize it's another effort, but I would love to see the proper Offices for each as well.
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    Thank you, Arthur, for the beautiful and extremely helpful work at the ICKSP site. I use those chants as my baseline all the time; all I need to do for my schola is add the Gloria Patri notation to the Introit (and occasionally extra verses) and append the Communio verses. The extra verses I usually take from the GABC Transcription Tool's Propers page.

    The ICKSP is dear to our hearts here; one of my former singers is now in the discernment year (Rockford), and whenever they visit our diocese we are usually the schola for their Masses here.

    Please do keep us updated on the forum as you locate these Masses and prepare them for publication!
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    Thank you for your support and for the very kind comments. As indicated above, we have created a Proprium Sanctorum section on the Sacred Music page. It includes chant scores for all of the proper masses in the Proprium Sanctorum and "Pro aliquibus locis" sections of the 1962 Missale Romanum and 1961 Graduale Romanum (including commemorations) with exceptions as noted above. It also includes scores for other proper masses important in certain localities.

    With regard to masses that are included in the "Pro aliquibus locis" section of the 1962 Missale Romanum, but are not included in the 1961 Graduale Romanum, here is a list of what we have on the site. Honestly, none of these constitute real "finds" (our sources are noted in the scores). We appreciate assistance in locating additional material.
    S. Gasparis del Bufalo, Confessoris
    S. Franciscæ Xaveriæ Cabrini, VIrginis
    S. Francisci Salesii, Ep., Conf. et Eccl. Doct.
    S. Ludovicæ de Marillac, Viduæ
    S. Josephi Benedicti Cottolengo, Confessoris
    B. Mariæ Virgjnis, Reginæ Sanctorum omnium et Matris pulchræ dilectionis
    S. Antonii de Padua, Conf. et Eccl. Doct.
    S. Laurentii de Brundusio, Conf. et Eccl. Doct.
    S. Emigdii, Ep. et Mart.
    Beatæ Mariæ Virginis a Consolatione
    S. Catharinæ Fliscæ Adurnæ, Viduæ
    S. Teresiæ, Virg.
    S. Joannis a Cruce, Conf. et Eccl. Doct.
    S. Leonardi de Portu Mauritio, Confessoris