Rutter mentions the music (planning)
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    Until today I had no idea Sir John blogged; here's a review of Duke of Edinburgh’s funeral.
  • Richard,
    When did he receive his knighthood?
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    This is excellent.

    "Unlike in a film, the music at a church service is generally not the work of a single composer, and the task of whoever plans the service... is to make it all fit together and flow smoothly."

    And then he goes on to talk about the fact that it is not a matter of indifference what keys the pieces are in, so necessary is it that the service be harmonious as a musical whole.
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    It is a fascinating exegesis on musical planning for such a visible and notable person. Thanks for the link.
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    Maybe I had him confused with a Beatle, Chris ;-)
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    ...gotta love the beatles music, Richard.

    John, apparently will never be knighted...

    some other musical 'knights'
  • Given his long and illustrious career (and given that Elton John has been knighted) I wouldn't be surprised if he had received this honor, but I have been sufficiently far out of the loop that it might have happened and I wouldn't know anything whatsoever about it.

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    FWIW, he's a CBE and UK citizen, so entitled to use the style of Sir.
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    No, a CBE isn't a knighthood, though John Rutter probably does merit a knighthood in addition to his CBE, which would probably not be upgraded to Knight Commander of the Order of the British Empire. He'd become a Knight Bachelor, like Sir Stephen Cleobury in 2019.