Thanksgiving for new position
  • ghmus7
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    Dear Friends:
    I would like to announce, that I have accepted an offer from the pastor Fr. Winchel to become Director of Music at St. Josephs' Parish in Macon Ga. It will be a joy to serve in this historic community, a building on the National Historic Register. I thank you for your prayers, and especially still needed, as I will be farther away from my children. Y'all are invited to visit at any time! Macon is a fascinating place, in the midst of Civil War history, and features much unique architecture. Macon is a city of music, as many popular music artists hail form there, and as well, Mercer University, with it's renown Townsend School of Music is right down the street.
  • M. Jackson Osborn
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    What wonderful news! We should all sing a Te Deum!
    More details about the organ would be interesting.
    I wish you great happiness at St Joseph's.
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    MJO i will email you about the organ.
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    Great! I have prayed you would get a position where your talents are appreciated.
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    How wonderful for you and for your new parish!
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    That's great news! Best of luck in you new position.
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    Great news! Prayers of Thanksgiving! May your new position be enjoyable and profitable.
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    Congratulations and best wishes!!
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  • Congratulations! Looks to be a beautiful church.
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    This is wonderful news! If you're ever heading a bit West (or are on your way to the new post), please look me up! Congrats!
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    A beautiful church with a reputation for good liturgy! Congrats! I directed a little volunteer schola there for the EF Missa Cantata wedding of a friend a few years ago; it was a wonderful place to make music. All the best.
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    I worked not too far away from there a while ago, maybe sometime in the future I can visit again.
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    Thank you all for your prayers. Easter blessings to all of you.