Wishing all a Happy Easter Tridium
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    Wishing all a safe & happy Good Friday, Holy Saturday, & Easter Sunday.
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    This is the timely message (yesterday) from Jordan Sramek, founder of The Rose Ensemble (Minneapolis), with a link to a splendid recording of the Victoria Officium defunctorum (a.k.a. the Requiem for 6 voices), from a live performance in LaCrosse, Wisconsin in 2016. I'm sharing it here, wholeheartedly endorsing Jordan's feelings. The Rose Ensemble has been a Twin Cities treasure for over 20 years. The YouTube link is embedded in the quoted text.
    Dear Friends,

    For those who are observing the Paschal Triduum, and to comfort anyone who mourns the loss of a loved one, I am pleased to share our performance of a true masterpiece of the Spanish Renaissance: the six-part Requiem Mass by Tomás-Luis de Victoria. I have been waiting for over 4 years to share with you this live concert footage. Considering all that's going on in the world (especially in Minneapolis), well...the time feels right. I invite you to turn up the volume, close your eyes, and take 54 minutes to focus on peace. I also want to offer my particular thanks to all the singers who delivered such an extraordinary performance.

    -Jordan Sramek, Founder/Artistic Director

    Have a blessed, safe, and holy observance of the Holy Triduum.
  • Good Friday Liturgy at Walsingham my be seen live streamed at -
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  • Encouraging to see that there was a large attendance on Holy Thursday,
    but on Good Friday, the place was packed. Folding chairs were even brought in.

    that said, on my way home I also saw two school buses unloading students. So it goes.
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    We got to sing a very beautiful ordinary by a member of this forum, @sdtalley3 this evening at the Easter Vigil.

    Another good thing: the chant for said Vigil is very easy.

    @mmela Same.
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    Just finished Easter Mass with a choir of 4, live streamed, congregation is still max. 30 (we had 1 in 300 of the population tested positive on covid-19 last week).
    Last night we (two) sang the entire Vigil a capella because our organist had become very sick in the afternoon (prayers please).
    In my home parish there hasn't been any music at all since Palm Sunday because our organist/choir director/cantor has got covid-19...