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  • FrDuncan
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    Hi Everyone,
    I'm preparing a college mass for the Annunciation and I can't seem to find my copy of the English Gradual. I'm looking for a setting of all the propers to the simple Gregorian psalm tones (in the style of the Anglican Use Gradual), but in modern notation. Does such a thing exist or does someone have a copy of the English Gradual propers for the Annunciation, that they could scan?

    Any help would be much appreciated!

    -Fr. D
  • CCoozeCCooze
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    Fr. Duncan,
    There are a good number of English options here (both chant and modern notation):
    Hopefully, some of them are to your liking.
  • a_f_hawkins
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    There is a link to download it here :
    Annunciation starts on page 411.
  • FrDuncan
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    Thank you both, I'm actually looking for the chants from the English Gradual (put out by RSCM) which has the chants in modern notation, not Gregorian notation (Anglican Use Gradual). The cover looks like below. This is a reprint of an earlier edition.
    1115 x 1702 - 80K
  • irishtenoririshtenor
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    This isn't modern notation, but it is set to simple Gregorian psalm tones
  • chonakchonak
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    In case it might be useful, Bruce Ford's American Gradual used modern notation in the first edition:

    Since I'm not familiar with the English Gradual, I don't know whether the AG is close in form to the EG or not.