Sir Richard Terry's Holy Week book
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    A request was made for this some time ago, and I said that we had this book.
    Unfortunately I had limited access to the cathedral music office, plus we were flat out recording and mixing music for our online choir for Holy Week, so I have only just managed to get round to this. Too late for this year except for ultra-confident sight readers. So far I have processed the chapters for Palm Sunday, Holy Thursday and Good Friday. I'll do Holy Saturday asap.
    Apologies once again for lateness.
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    Thanks so very much! This is so helpful, many of these 4-part chants even beyond Holy Week!!
  • Nisi
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    These are fantastic -- keep them coming! And many thanks for sharing these with us.
  • ViolaViola
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    Hello again, here's Holy Saturday from Sir Richard Terry's Holy Week collection.
    I've attached the front and back covers, for completeness. (There's also some really interesting stuff listed on the back cover, some of which we have used here.)
    I wish everyone a blessed Holy week and all the joys of Easter. May your music, whatever it is, go well.image
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    Viola - you posted two front covers, no back cover.
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    Thanks, I've edited it, hope it's ok now.
  • ViolaViola
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    Here are all three again just in case.
    Thanked by 2a_f_hawkins Nisi
  • CGM
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    I resized all the images and collected them into a single booklet, which can be accessed here.
    (it's a large file, so be patient whilst downloading)
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    Thanks, CGM, that will be really helpful.
  • These files you have provided use the 1955 holy week but Sir Richard Terry died 17 years before that was promulgated; can you explain?
  • ignore ; it seems J F W Clark has revised this
  • ghmus7
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    Thank you for this!!
    Looking at this, it reminded me of thois,EXQUISITE motet by Pablo Casals
    O Vos Omnes. Anybody know this?