Bilingual Exultet (English / Spanish, free PDF)
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    Greetings all,
    I wanted to share this PDF just in case it can save someone else the hassle. Our parish is bilingual and the priests decided it was best to chant the exultet half english/ half spanish because it is so long. We will provide both texts in full in a worship aid for those moments when they cannot hear their mother tongue.

    I have no interest in discussing the liturgical merits (or demerits, as the case may be) of taking this approach. This is what we are doing, regardless. That said, I engraved the requested material for our priests and want to share it here in case it may be useful to anyone else. The language switches every second-third line (or rather, complete thought).

    I'm sharing two pdf's: one is a normal letter-sized PDF, the other is a booklet format that prints nicely if you do 11x17 double-sided folded in half.
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    Very nice. This reminds me how how much more gracious it would be to start page 6's "dis - pels wickedness" with an upbeat (7 98765 67 7 7) instead of ICEL's version, and also make me curious whether the Spanish has a single approved pointing as well as how it handles the phases beginning on d.
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    I referenced the Spanish missal and kept it how they had it, although I didn’t agree with some of how it was set, particularly a few spots approaching cadential formulas, such as the 4th line down on page 3 “y derraman-do”. That happens a few times and I would have preferred to wait to switch to the b until “su”. But on the off chance that our priest knew the Spanish version well (he’s fully bilingual due to his dual heritage, but I think Spanish is actually his “primary” language?), I didn’t want to trip him up by tweaking it.
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