Access to Old Paraphrased Mass Settings.
  • Good day everyone.
    Are there any portals or links available that will allow me to access the lyrics to Old Mass Settings (Swedish Mass Setting, American Eucharist Mass Setting, Israeli Mass Setting, Geordie etc.)
    Br. Reece Heuvel SDB.
  • Can you Br Reece tell us more about what you mean by "Old Mass" and by "American Eucharist" and by "Geordie". I suspect all these have different meanings to different readers here -- certainly I'm surprised to see Geordie (Ken ye gi's a deek o that?) and Israeli in the same sentence..

    For me "Old Mass" mostly means the traditional Roman Mass, in Latin.
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  • a_f_hawkins
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    I have hymn books with two of them. The American Eucharist by Sandra Joan Billington & the Israeli Mass by Anthony Hanson, both words and tunes have copyright claimed by Kevin Mayhew.
    Andrew_Malton these are traditional folk tunes used for paraphrases of the Ordinary of the Mass about 50 years ago. We had a local one based on a folk tune 'Little Red Bird of the Lonely Moor'. Most people were blissfully unaware that the allusion of the title is to the distant flash of a red petticoat indicating that a couple has found a quiet spot to ---.
  • Really? You mean ushag veg roy? I thought it was a lullaby.
  • I was referring to the folk paraphrased mass settings, that are no longer used. If I'm not mistaken, the Geordie Mass Setting was composed and written by Anthony Hamson as well. A_f_hawkins, thanks for your input. Are you able to send the lyrics to these paraphrased mass settings on this platform, or provide a link to where I'm able to access them please.
    Thank you.
    Br. Reece SDB
  • (I hope this is for a research paper and not for the music to be resurrected during a Mass...)
  • ServiamScores, lol, not to worry.
    For one of my elderly confreres here in the community.
  • a_f_hawkins
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    A sample verse, Benedictus qui venit :-

    Blest and holy, blest and holy,
    he who comes from God on high.
    Raise your voices, sing his glory,
    praise his name for evermore.

    The rhythm is - ta ā ta tā tā, ta ā ta tā tā, ta ā ta ta ta ta ta tāāāā *2

    We are still using this book, Hymns Old and New, in which the Israeli Mass is #666 , but not this item, which I have not heard for many years.

    I suggest it is not different in principle from the Deutsche Singmesse, but the music tends to be, shall we say, less reflective.

    SilverMalachi - should be in your Inbox (bottom of the dark green banner, above the post) more later.

  • Thank you very much Hawkins. I really do appreciate it. You're helping a whole community out here. Great. Thanks.
  • Oh, my goodness - I remember butchering these a long time ago when the ICEL changes happened because my parish felt they needed to keep these settings. Memories!
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