Music for a Spanish Wedding
  • Hello! I am playing organ for my second Spanish wedding mass this coming Saturday. The couple doesn't have any requests. I have very little familiarity with Spanish sacred music. I'm looking for ideas for ordinary settings, nice hymns, anything else... Maybe some Spanish chant? TIA!!
  • Obvious response: Victoria, Guerrero, Morales. If any Spanish music exceeds theirs, I have no knowledge of it.
  • henry
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    From the Flor y Canto hymnal: Un Mandamiento Nuevo; Amar; Cantemos al Amor de los Amores; Bendigamos al Senor; El Amor Nunca Pasara; Dios es Amor; Gusten y Vean; Si Yo No Tengo Amor.
  • I second "Amar" and "El Amor Nunca Pasara." There's also a Spanish version of "Joyful, Joyful" in there.
  • Roman Missal chants in Spanish are here. Mass XVIII is also in Flor y Canto.