The Choir Organ MIDI Module
  • For those of you finding yourself playing a MIDI keyboard or digital piano.

  • GerardH
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    Noel, does this use a library of digitally sampled sounds, or are the sounds synthesised?
  • I do not believe in synthesized sounds, makes me very uncomfortable to even think about them!


    This was created for the organist who dreads going to church to play a Clavinova or, even worse, a plastic keyboard from Walmart.

    This is a stepping stone to getting your congregation to go out with you and find a new organ.
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    @ noel jones, aago

    so how does this work? Do you pop the good ol' cassette tape in it?
  • davido
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    Click on the link above, Noel’s website explains the whole thing
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  • A Church with a 1927 Wicks Theater Organ

    Thank you for TCO! I have been a church organist since the age of eleven, playing a small pipe organ that was replaced a few years later by an Allen organ. Over the ensuing 40+ years, I have had the opportunity to sit on the bench of quite a variety of instruments from an 80 rank Casavant to my current instrument, a 5 rank Wicks 838.

    While this little Wicks fulfills its duties quite well, in my three years at this post, I have lamented the absence of couplers and orchestral solo stops that would provide much more versatility to the organ and allow the music greater possibilities in sanctifying and edifying the people during Mass.

    Enter The Choir Organ.

    I am so glad I found the TCO! The ease at which it can be set up and the richness of the sound it provides at my fingertips for a nominal investment is surprising and exciting. Its portability is a welcome feature. I have played this in my choir rehearsal room through my $10 Casio CTX-661 and a Danelectro Dirty Thirty guitar amp and through the house sound system in the nave of the church that seats 800. In both cases, the sound is authentically rich, having the depth, brilliance, and sweetness one hears from the best of instruments.

    I also want to thank you for the personal interest you have given me and my situation. You have gone above and beyond what I could have expected to help me integrate the TCO into the Wicks. I have told several people about the TCO and heartily endorse this versatile product. In addition, thank you for the library of music that so generously accompanied this purchase. Your effort in collecting music for keyboards only and providing the TCO stop list for each piece will help elevate the music at St. Joseph’s Church and, I am sure, be a welcome addition to any church relying on a keyboard for music.

    Rhonda Rossano, Music Director/Organist St. Joseph’s Catholic Church
    Ponchatoula, LA
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  • There are audio recordings on the site that you may find useful.
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  • Ted
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    I do not understand, and considering the price, why this is better than GrandOrgue which is free and has many free samples of different organs from around the world, and allows you to set your own registrations. All you would need is a desktop/laptop, even a fairly humble one. Both still need a MIDI keyboard/pedalboard and sound system to work.
  • davido
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    A lot less tech knowledge necessary for Noel’s device than GrandOrgue.
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    There is a similar european alternative that has stop tabs as well:
  • Ted, it's not better than GrandOrgue, which is a wonderful program for you to run on a computer. And definitely not better than Hauptwerk!

    ServiamScores, there are some fine MIDI modules out there, including the one that you mention. All of them do a lot more than The Choir Organ can. We encourage all to investigate them to find exactly what fulfills your needs.

    The Choir Organ
    It does not use a computer, which limits what it can do, for sure.

    And it requires no tech knowledge, computers, downloading drivers or support groups as a result..

    This is a Plug & Play device.

    Plugin the power cord.
    Plug the MIDI cord into a keyboard MIDI OUT [even a second-hand one from Goodwill.]
    Plug the Audio cord into a boom box or a church audio system or headphones.

    Press the Power button.

    Live telephone support included.
    30 day return policy.
  • In addition, we provide a library of printed books of liturgically-appropriate organ music with suggested registrations for the TCO as part of the package, along with books that teach a pianist to play the organ.
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