Victoria "O Magnum Mysterium"--SSA adaptation and recording
  • Heath
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    Friends, Happy New Year!

    I adapted Victoria's "O Magnum Mysterium" at the request of the Sister Servants of the Eternal Word for their SSA trio. They sent me a recording yesterday...and they rock!

    I sent the recording and the SSA score via my English Motets mailing list which you can find here:

    You can sign up for the email list at my main site:

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  • sdtalley3sdtalley3
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    Just gave this a listen, and while I'm not the biggest fan of watering down a piece of art, the sisters here did a very satisfactory job of turning it into a 3 voice piece. Good job to them and very good recording.
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  • vansensei
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    The voice crossing at the end to put the middle part on the lead and suspension-resolution in the top voice actually really works.
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