Te Deum: new translation
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    A day late for the New Year's Eve indulgence: https://theacolytestoolbox.wordpress.com/2020/12/31/chant-tones-for-revised-te-deum/?fbclid=IwAR2BlQHu1kR0CUtGqKcz4ET4MNLD7-xaShJ-t7t_f-LLPAaZ2gfg81r1CCE

    Not sure how we'd know about this without reading the USCCB newsletter.
    Also, who reads the USCCB newsletter?...
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  • Personally, I've felt very well served by the classic English translation used in choral settings and the ICEL (or ICET?) version used in the Liturgy of the Hours. I'm not sure what the new version seeks to add, but I should read the newsletter, I guess.
  • I'm usually suspect of attempts to jam vernacular translations into existing Gregorian chant melodies. Yes, translations can stand on their own alongside the chant to which each one is sung, and some are even beautifully crafted, but even when there isn't a syllabification problem (as when the word Sanctus is replaced by the word Holy) I find most of these attempts unsatisfactory.

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    I wouldn't count on getting the plenary indulgence if the text isn't an approved version. Is the new one official?
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    From the USCCB newsletter linked at the above linked blog post: “The hymns will be available for immediate liturgical use upon publication, but will remain optional for use in the Divine Office until the completion and implementation of the Liturgy of the Hours, Second Edition.”

    This te deum translation is a part of the breviary hymns translation Latin project executed by ICEL, approved by the USCCB in2019 and confirmed by the Vatican in May 2020.

    Of course it would be better if they wholesale adopted the time honored Anglican translations of liturgical texts, but since the hierarchy is dead set against doing that, it is nice that there is forthcoming an official translation that at least translates the Latin, much like the Roman missal 3rd edition has done. It will create a much more Catholic liturgical culture for my children than was created for my generation.
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