English & Spanish Psalms and Readings to use for privately chanting the EF Office
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    I am looking for suggestion of an appropriate translation of Psalms and Readings for both English and Spanish to be used with privately chanting the EF Office. Specifically, I'm looking at making booklets of the Little Office and some selections from the Monastic Office. My idea is that these booklets could be used among family and friends, so I would really like the option to chant the psalms and readings for the benefit of those less familiar with Latin.

    Possibilities I've considered with thoughts:

    Douay-Rheims - Direct translation from the Vulgate would be useful for learning the Latin over time. My concerns are how good it would sound chanted, and the language being hard to understand.

    Knox - Written to be poetic, so perhaps would sound better and be more easily understood when chanting? But not as direct a translation, so it might be harder to eventually learn the Latin with it.

    Abbey Psalms & Canticles - Written with rhythm in mind, and actually chanted in liturgical contexts. Connects more to the OF liturgy, which could be good for those less familiar the EF liturgy and the traditional English. Easier to understand, but might be out-of-place when the rest of the translations are in traditional English.

    RSV-2CE (readings) - One of the most popular and respected translations, but not translated from the Latin. Similar reasons to use and concerns as Abbey Psalms & Canticles.

    Torres-Amat - A direct translation from the Latin. Would pair well with Douay-Rheims. Again, might be harder to understand, and may not sound good when chanted.

    Any other suggestions or thoughts on the above? If using Abbey Psalms, what Spanish translation might match well? What does the Current Mexican/Spanish breviary/lectionary use?
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    If you are looking for the EF Office in English, did the Anglicans produce anything? There are books with metrical translations of the Hymns etc. Are any of the Sarum books of use?