Angelus Domini - New Work - Submitted for the Sheet Music Plus Sacred Choral Competition
  • Hello Church Musician Friends

    I know this is a difficult time for musicians, especially those of us who work in churches.  I hope you are all keeping well despite the circumstances.

    I am writing to present a piece for your consideration that I have posted here on the forums before.  It is an arrangement of Angelus Domini done in the style of Maurice Durufle's Ubi Caritas.

    I have recently submitted it to a choral competition hosted by Sheet Music Plus.  If I sell $20 USD worth of the piece by September 30th, using their service, I am submitted to the competition.  Please check it out and see if it works for your choirs.

    Sincerely John
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  • John, I love this piece. This is quite wonderfully done! This strikes me as a perfect example of how modern composition can coexist and enhance chant and even take its inspiration directly from it. Be proud of this one. It's truly great.
  • A modern falsobordone! Very well done!
  • Thank you very much Jeffrey and Serviam! Greatly appreciated.
  • I'm just wishing Sheet Music Plus didn't require that one buy a minimum of 10 copies.
  • This is a great piece.
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  • SponsaChristi--thank you! I found it.
  • Mary-mezzo. I don’t think this is in the public domain anymore because it’s copyrighted now. I think given the times we should support our fellow church musicians.
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