Contemporary Compline
  • davido
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    Ran across this interesting video today:

    Props to them for singing the office and developing a contemporary idiom psalm tone. Odd though, with the Salve Regina at the end, that they wouldn't just chant the whole office after traditional Gregorian formulae which are more artistic.

    Is it perhaps a love of "contemporary" style that neglects the traditional way of chanting the office?

    I often feel that Mosebach is correct, and that what we are combating is at essence 'formlessness' or translate it another way, 'informality.' The modern genre isn't so much 'contemporary' as it is 'informal:' in architecture, music, scripture translations, shorts/tanktops at mass, etc.
  • francisfrancis
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    tanktops at mass... that says it perfectly. nothing more. nothing less.
  • Felicia
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    This reminds me of something (formerly?) done at a parish near me that serves a large university community. It was held on the evening of the first Friday of the month and called "Dark thirty". Basically, it was Compline with praise & worship music, similar to this video.
  • m_r_taylor
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    Contemporary idiom requires mood piano or guitar, a cyclic chord progression and percussive downbeats to syncopate the voice off of.

    Non-syncopated, in that idiom, feels settled, traditional, stodgy.

    Syncopated, in that idiom, feels free, personal, emotive, spiritually liberating.

    It wasn't until I discovered Catholicism that I found even freer chant. ;)
  • donr
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