"Chant Talk" interview/conversation with Rick Wheeler
  • I'm branching out my "Chant Talk" video series on YouTube to include more video podcast style interviews and chats with various characters in the world of sacred music. I just uploaded the first of these, which is a conversation--via video conference--with Rick Wheeler ( @cantus67 around here) about a whole host of sacred music topics, from music philosophy to building parish music programs to the merits of professional section leaders, and more. Oh, and a little chat about single malt Scotch.

    Next week I'll be uploading an interview with the Cathedral Organist from St. Patrick Cathedral in Harrisburg, PA, focused on hymn playing, organ improv, knowing your instrument, and more. If this sort of thing is up your alley, please subscribe. I'm not sure how frequently I'll get these produced, but I have lots of ideas for guests and topics over the coming months/years!

    Chant Talk, Ep. 10: A Conversation with Rick Wheeler: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=sLd1sL9dPms
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    I’ll definitely subscribe, I’m friends with Rick Wheeler, and I remember the very good compositional advice you gave me some years ago.
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