Burgess English Gradual Pt. 3 Wanted
  • I am looking for the following:
    The English Gradual. Edited by F. Burgess ... Part iii. The Morning Offices of Candlemas, Ash Wednesday and Holy Week, etc.
    Author: Burgess, Francis. Publication: London : Novello & Co., for the Plainchant Publications Committee, 1923

    This is NOT The Plainsong Gradual. These are NOT contained in Parts 1 and 2 of The English Gradual. These are chants that occur before the Mass, particularly during blessings. These are notated in modern (not Gregorian) notation. The text mostly coincides with the American Missal pre-1970. I am organist-choirmaster of an Anglican (Anglican Province of America) church in NC that uses the 1928 BCP and The Hymnal 1940. There is only one source on OCLC - The British Library.

    Thank you for any help.
  • I have many Palmer-Burgess publications, but not this.
    If you find one let me know where you found it so that I may get one, too.
  • There appears to be a copy in a seminary library in Evanston, Illinois.
  • Thank you for the notice in Evanston. I just contacted them. Unfortunately, it is only part of the book. Some pages are missing. Any other suggestions?
  • Is this the same thing as what the Royal School of Church Music sells as the supplement to Part II?

    https://www.rscmshop.com/search-results?query="English Gradual"
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  • Chrysogonua -

    I believe that this 'supplement' book is volume two of the series, which was published by the Plainsong and Mediaeval Music Society, originated with the Anglican Benediction nuns at Wantage, and is now available from the CMMA. This part two is the propers for saints days and great fixed feasts throughout the year. Actually, I have never heard of a 'part three', but would pay a fair price for it if it exists somewhere.
  • chonakchonak
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    The book CMAA publishes is a reprint of The Plainchant Gradual.

    In 1965, S. Mary's Press, Wantage issued
    Parts I and II in one volume.
    In 1962, S. Mary's Press, Wantage issued
    Parts III and IV in one volume.

    Those two volumes are what we offer as a reprint.

    Both of them bear the names of both Parker and Burgess on their title page, so I have some doubt that these are the same as the English Gradual offered by RSCM.
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    There look to be some sections of this available at Corpus Christi Watershed here, not much of it though, as it says, just three "fragments".
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  • Yes, the English Gradual has mostly the same texts as the Plainchant Gradual, but it uses simple chant settings rather than the set music. The later Anglican Use Gradual adapts much, but not all, of its contents for the new lectionary. The original English Gradual volumes are out of copyright (1920–23, with later 'editions' merely being unmodified printings) and it would be brilliant if someone could scan them all.
  • To answer my own question, the supplement to the English Gradual, part 2, evidently contains additional propers for holy days that did not make it into the original publication. Part 3 contains the Holy Week material (as partially scanned above), and does not seem to be for sale anywhere. This seems quite odd, as it's reflective of what has made it into the repertoire.
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    I have a copy of:
    "The English Gradual" "Part II -- The Proper Supplement" edited by Arthur W. Clarke. - Approx 5" X 7 1/4" - and 42 pages.

    "The English Gradual" "Part II. --The Proper" edited by Francis Burgess. - Approx 5" X 7 1/2" - and 224 pages

    both published by the Plainchant Publications Committee.

    MJO, and Chrysogonous,
    Is this what you were referring to?
  • a_f_hawkins
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    WGS - does one of these contain the 'Morning Office of Candlemass' and other items which JohnApple mentions?