Plainchant Gradual (Burgess & Palmer)
  • What is the copyright status on the Plainchant Gradual by Burgess & Palmer? I've produced GABCs of almost the entire work uploaded them to my GitHub account, but it's not visible to other people at the moment. If I'm not breaching copyright then I'll make the GABCs publicly visible.
  • Chrism
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    As you may already know, the copy available online on this (CMAA) site says that it was "Made available online with the gracious permission of The Community of Saint Mary the Virgin, Wantage"
  • The second edition posted online is dated 1965 and falls under UK copyright jurisdiction.
    Jeffrey Tucker readily received permission to make this freely available.
    Their contact is
  • Sounds like it's ok to release the GABCs so I've made the repository publically available
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    I was just wondering about this the other day.... I've been singing from this edition and I really enjoy it, but wondered if someone had already done this. I'm so glad you have. Thank you!
  • Felipe Gasper
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    If anyone happens to have the FIRST edition of “The Plainchant Gradual”, it would be hugely useful to have scanned or transcribed, as it contains chants for, e.g., weddings, which the 2nd edition doesn’t contain.

    Someone on a mailing list sent me scans of the nuptial propers years ago; I don’t know what’s in the rest of the publication.

    (The sisters at Wantage, when I wrote to them years ago about this, weren’t aware that there had been a prior edition.)
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    FWIW Worldcat suggests this exists somewhere, but when I look at the libraries catalogue entries, they are nearly all the 1965 edition. Trinity College Dublin has vols. 1-3, apparently not vol. 4 Nuptial propers would be in vol 3 I imagine.
    The plainchant gradual
    Author: Francis Burgess; R L Shields
    Publisher: Wantage : S. Mary's Press, 1946-1953.
    OCLC Number: 810459703
    Language Note: English words.
    Notes: Parts 3-4 edited by Francis Burgess and R.L. Shields.
    Description: 4 volumes ; 21 cm
    Contents: 1. Advent to Holy Saturday --
    2. Easter to Advent --
    3. Common of Saints and Votive Masses --
    4. Proper of Saints.
    Responsibility: edited by Francis Burgess.
    Are there nuptial propers in the The English Gradual which Burgess produced earlier?
  • M. Jackson Osborn
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    Yes, the nuptial propers are in The English Gradual,
    which is/was the precursor of The Anglican Use Gradual
  • Chrysogonus
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    Wow – what a lot of work, and wonderfully useful! I've been trying merely to type out the text for the English Gradual with biblical references, which has been a piece of work in itself even with what is available in snatches online.
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    I'll repeat my plea for crowd-sourcing to complete the CPDL index to the Plainchant Gradual.
  • BruceL
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    @Andrew Hinckley just wanted to commend you for this incredibly tedious task! The very thought of it induces heartburn...may God reward you richly!