Singers (all voice parts) - Atlanta, GA
  • 06-2020: Coronavirus has delayed things, but I'm still in search of potential singers!

    Would anyone be interested in paid gigs singing for Sundays and/or special occasions at Catholic Masses in the northwest Atlanta, Georgia, area (Cobb County)? The Masses feature chant, motets, and traditional hymnody. Ability to sight-read both standard and chant music would be a plus.

    If interested, please send me a message with your name, email address, voice part, and a brief summary of musical experience. If you can also provide a recording of your singing voice, so much the better.
  • Glad to see that there are some sacred music goings-on in my neck of the woods! Atlanta tends to be such a liturgical wasteland.
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  • I've updated my original post to be more clear and hope to get some additional responses!
  • CDinella
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    Certainly interested! Which parish?
  • May you have more well-qualified candidates than you can possibly use.

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