Jesu Dulcis Memoria 3- and 4- part settings
  • 3 part here.
    4-part here, too.
  • Lovely.
  • Exquisite!
    St Basil's Schola Cantorum will sing this sometime.
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  • Thank you for your appreciations.

    Jackson: if you do end up using it, please could you send a recording?

    Computer question to any who can help:

    How can I reduce the size of the SATB file. I've somehow just noticed that it's 4.69MB, while its partner here is 93KB.

  • CHGiffenCHGiffen
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    What engraving software are you using? Is the SATB setting significantly larger in scope than the 3-part setting? If not, then it sounds as if something has been done accidentally to create such a large file.
  • Charles,

    The SATB is hand-written, and the 4-part is in Finale. Would that make such a difference?

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    The hand-written is a scan, which is essentially the same as scanning a photograph (although you might be able to decrease the file size by selecting black-white rather tha color on the scanner/printer), while the Finale score is printed by sending font information to the printer (or to the PDF generator) and the PDF printing software simply calls on the font information to "typeset" the document.
  • So if I typeset the SATB in Finale, this action should shrink the size of the file?
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    Yes, indeed it will.
  • Thanks. It may be more than today's work, since after Mass we have Vespers, the baptism of a newborn friend of the family, a visit to the relics of Mother Cabrini ..... but I'll get to that as soon as I can.
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  • It was more than a day's work, but here is a pdf version properly re-type set.