Uploading files
  • NeilMac
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    I am not sure if this the right forum but I can't find anywhere else.

    I having some difficulty uploading files to a forum discussion. What format does this site like? I have tried PDF and Word.

    Problem now solved
  • tomjaw
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    .pdf or jpg works fine. You can always link to them if hosted elsewhere. There is a size limit, but cannot remember what it is... Anyway some instructions,
    1. Click blue link "Attach a file" below you post
    2. Click "Choose File" button
    3. Box opens with your desktop files.
    4. Highlight the one file you want to upload, and click Choose button
    5. You can then opt to have an image appear as part of the post.
  • NeilMac
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    Thank you.

    It seems it was a problem with spaces in the file name.
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