Tenebrae: What am I missing?
  • I'm sorry to ask what may be a stupid question, but in Tenebrae for Maundy Thursday, the tones for the first three lections are printed with the text, but the 2nd Nocturn's tone is not, neither is the 3rd's. Where can I find these tones?
  • Al Bloomfield's Tenebrae booklet is available through Lulu or Amazon - it has everything (including rubrics, if I remember correctly) as well as a few responsories in polyphony as well as chant. If I'm not mistaken, the lessons for the 2nd and 3rd nocturns might be pointed.

    The lessons for the 1st nocturn are always provided because they are set to specific tones. The remaining lessons have the text provided because the lector can use a variety of tones - and choices for flex, full stops, etc..

    I typically mark my lessons with color-coded shading and a key so I can remember what I've done. Others mark in pencil or some other way. I use different tones in different years.

    If you are interested in the Tenebrae booklets,

    If you want an example of pointing, I've attached a sample of some lessons that I set. However, you can find versions online that are actually notated rather than pointed, although it may not cover a full range of available tones. Off the top of my head, can't remember any links, but Hugh (on this forum) posted the Siloe tone among other special tones for a number of lessons. You can search the forum topics or just look for Tenebrae Lessons, which should point you in the right direction.
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    My copy of Festa Majora has I think 3 different suggested tones, I suspect that I will have to work out how to scan it!

    EDIT, have scanned the relevant pages, https://www.dropbox.com/s/yxzv6c74z1v19d7/Festa Majora.pdf?dl=0
  • Incardination,

    I have seen Albert's excellent work, but (unless I missed something) I didn't see a tone for the 2nd or 3rd nocturn. I shall look more carefully.


    I shall look at your link this evening -- or, if you prefer, tomorrow for breakfast, since I'm in California and you're in England.
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  • These are the lessons set by Hugh that I downloaded last year:
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    Page 535 of the Officium Hebdomadae Sanctae gives the Prophecy Tone with a different ending, but also mentions a solemn tone ad lib.
  • Tomjaw,

    It appears that you have Good Friday and Holy Saturday, but not Maundy Thursday in those links.

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    Saw three sets when I did the search but did not notice that one was doubled.

    I see that I did not do the other set in full... But only the two I sang, see below.

    I did have this in my files it was uploaded here by Aldrich? but no longer available,

    Have also scanned the appendix of Festa Majora, see above...
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