Palm Sunday----Third Form
  • rogue63
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    Ok ladies and gents:

    We're doing Palm Sunday with the Third Form. The missal lists the Introit text as that exceedingly long "Six days before the Passover...".

    Are there any existing musical settings of this? I can write my own, no problem, but I'd like to see if anyone else had an another approach.
  • CGM
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    The Missal rubrics also say,
    the Entrance Antiphon with its Psalm (no. 18) or another
    chant on the same theme
    is sung.

    So we'll be using the "Hosanna Filio David," as given earlier (no. 4) and indicated for the First and Second forms. It certainly qualifies as having the same theme.
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  • rogue63
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    Right---thanks for the help. I was pointed to Fr. Weber's introit settings on another forum too.
  • bangerman
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    There’s a setting in the Fr. Columba introit book.

    I believe Adam Bartlett also has a setting of the text at his Illuminare site.
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    While I'm here and we're on this topic, I assume Mass still begins with the normal introductory rites and Kyrie since there is no sprinkling beforehand. Is this correct?

    Edit: OF and with the third option
  • Trenton,

    OF or EF?
  • rich_enough
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    I'm confused. The text "Ante sex dies" is meant to be spoken as the entrance antiphon. If you're singing the propers, why not sing the introit given in the Graduale, "Ingrediente Domino"? If you need it in English, there's a setting in the American Gradual. Am I missing something?
  • trentonjconn
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    For the third option, the prescribed antiphon is "Ante Sex Dies" or another "suitable" text. The missal refers to the antiphon being sung and, if not, spoken by the priest.

    CGZ, OF.
  • rich_enough
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    Strange that the Graduale does not make provision for the simple entrance.
  • a_f_hawkins
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    trentonjconn - Yes, the OF Missal is clear, whether the antiphon is sung or said that, after it the Mass continues in the usual way.
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    Our Bishop said to omit the procession and use the 3rd form, but it’s ok to make blessed palms available for pickup. This raises the question: how to bless the palms, but use the 3rd form?

    So for the livestream, we’re doing

    -Organ prelude
    Greeting/whatever announcements
    Station at the font:
    -Hosanna to the Son of David (Missal)
    -Address and blessing/sprinkling of palms

    -Antiphon: Six days.... (Fr. Weber’s setting)
    -Sign of cross
    -Continue as usual, or as close as possible with only two priests and one musician.
  • a_f_hawkins
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    There is a suggestion for blessing the palms at another time, just over half way down this page. Other sources will have different suggestions, ZENIT's expert says - don't do it - .