Invite to join Virtual Choir in progress: O Vos Omnes
  • Recd an invite last week to participate in a virtual choir singing de Victoria's O Vos Omnes
    You too can be part of this

    Here is the link to the coordinators' instructions, etc:

    A word about the appearance of the conductor: since the people putting this together are in the Society for Creative Anachronisms (SCA), the participating singers are to be in some kind of period costuming - so this would also apply to you as well, when making your individual recording. I am told that cassock and surplice, and choir robes, qualify as "garb" :-)

    On another thread, Eric Whiteacre's virtual choirs have been mentioned - but I don't think this has been posted so here is his TED talk about it, in which you can see the end result - it's marvelous!

    If anyone decides to send in a recording to the SCA, I hope you will let us know here on the forum
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    I don't have any period garb. =(
    I took part in the Whitacre project, though. I recorded and submitted all 4, SATB, parts (I recorded a video to show my Fb friends, haha), so that was a fun experience.
  • No period is specified; maybe you could dress as a 21st century person. I’d try
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