Attende Domine Translations
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    Anyone have an english singable translation of the Attende Domine (Hear us almighty God) handy? I'd need it within the hour... Neumes would be best, but modern notation is fine as well.

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  • Here it is, as found in the Anglican Use Gradual (pp. 64-65) and other Anglican books:

    Hear us, O Lord,* have mercy upon us: for we have SIN-ned a-GAINST thee.

    1. To thee, Redeem-ER, on thy throne of GLO-ry:
    lift we our weeping eyes in holy PLEAD-ings:
    listen O Jesu, to our suppli-CA-tions.

    2. O Thou chief Corner-STONE, Right Hand of the FA-ther:
    Way of salvation, Gate of Life Ce-LES-tial:
    cleanse thou our sinful souls from all de-FILE-ment

    3. God, we implore THEE, in thy glory SEAT-ed:
    bow down and hearken to thy weeping CHILD-ren
    pity and pardon all our grievous tres-PASS-es

    4. Sins oft commit-TED now we lay be-FORE thee:
    with true contrition, now no more we VEIL them:
    grant us, Redeemer, loving abso-LU-tion.

    5. Innocent, cap-TIVE, taken unre-SIST-ing:
    falsely accused, and for us sinners SEN-tenced,
    save us, we pray thee, Jesu our Re-DEEM-er.
  • I was thinking about using this for school Masses this year. Is there a better English translation. Kathy? Our hymnal has the 1980 ICEL translation, but I'm not sure children (or the teachers) will like the line about "naked in our sorrow" which doesn't accurately translate the idea of revealing our hidden sins.

    offers a more literal, but not singable translation. The one above is good, but perhaps not the best for children to sing.
  • Bumping this to the top. There must be another singable English translation.
  • Kathy
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    No need to re-invent the wheel--take a look at Worship III's version. What do you think?
  • That's actually the same translation in Gather Comp. and probably the one I will go with. It's not bad. It's really just the one line that bothers me. I found the Anglican one here and just wanted to compare as many versions as I could.
  • I believe the NEW St. BASIL HYMNAL has an English version written right under the notes.
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    Just saw this thread and wanted to mention that my translation is in the Lumen Christi Hymnal, #39.
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